Rolled Up In Fear

Today I went to the store to purchase some toilet paper because were we nearly out. I did not do it out of fear that we were going to be quarantined for a few weeks. However, I would love to stay in my house for two weeks without leaving. There is a stack of books next to the bed that I need to start reading.

While I was in the store it reminded me of the days after the 2001 terrorist attacks here in the U.S. After those events, people lined up at gas stations waiting to be gouged for a few gallons of gas. It was fear of the unknown that caused people to act in irrational ways, much like it is today.

Why are we hoarding toilet paper in preparation for a virus that doesn’t appear to cause diarrhea? Shouldn’t we all be buying facial tissue instead? After all it is a respiratory virus that is circling the globe.

It was kind of alarming to see store shelves picked clean of all sorts of products. It was like being a part of a disaster film where everyone is awaiting some inevitable doom.

I am not trying to make light of what could potentially become a very serious problem. However, I just find human behavior very interesting in situations such as this. It is fascinating to see how organizations such as the NBA, MLB, and the NCAA are willing to sacrifice millions of dollars by cancelling or postponing major sporting events.

I pray that things do not get so far out of hand that we begin to turn on each other. If you see someone in need share what you have. If major sports leagues are willing to lose millions, we can all spare a roll or two of toilet paper to help a neighbor.

Don’t let fear of the unknown rule your behavior. If you are stuck in your house for a week or two, do something worthwhile. If nothing else, at least build a tower out of the cardboard tubes from all of those spent rolls of toilet paper that you inevitably will have.

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