Be Still

One thing that I have enjoyed while working from home is having the blinds open in the room where my computer is stationed. We have quite a variety of birds that live in our neighborhood. I have seen cardinals, blue jays, robins, and wrens, just to name a few. It is quite peaceful to sit and listen to the songs of these various birds. Before the world stopped, I rarely took time to enjoy the small things.

I’m used to having a podcast playing on my phone, or the sound of music from a radio. I think I have become accustomed to always having noise on in the background due to a problem I have with my left ear. I was diagnosed with something called Meniere’s Disease several years ago. This disease affects your inner ear and can lead to a range of symptoms, such as vertigo and hearing loss. As a result of the disease I have very poor hearing in my left ear. The one thing that I do hear in my left ear is my pulse. I have learned to live with this “annoyance.” However, it can be extremely difficult, especially if my pulse quickens for any reason. Having noise on in the background helps to drown out the constant pulsating in my ear.

The last few weeks I have tried to turn off the “artificial” noises during the day. This has allowed me to focus on things that are coming from the outside, such as the birds, as I noted above. I also can hear the wind blowing through the trees. Likewise, I can hear myself breathe. Yes, there is that constant pulsing as well. However, it is not as prevalent when I am focusing on the natural sounds coming from the world around me.

As I said above, the world has stopped. In many ways this is true. There are many people who have lost their jobs, there are those who have lost loved ones. Likewise, there are those that have lost their peace of mind.

I for one have struggled to stay positive as the world seems to have fallen into despair. Despite all of these things, I know there is peace to be found. God is there in the midst of the chaos. You may not believe that, which is your choice. However, I know He is because I hear it in the creatures that He made. Those birds outside my window are a reminder to me to be still. If God is concerned about even the smallest of creatures like a sparrow, He certainly cares for you as well.

If you haven’t taken time lately to be silent and listen to the birds, or to the wind, or to the sound of rain hitting the ground, just stop. Life is too important to ignore these “small” things. It is in these sounds that we can be reminded to be still and know that there is a God who loves us and is in control, even when life seems hopeless.

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