The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

I think there must be a special place where things go when we lose them. For instance, I have socks that are missing a mate. However, the real mystery around our house is where has our silverware gone?

When Amanda and I were married we received silverware as a gift. This set included twelve knives, twelve forks, and twelve spoons. I believe we still have all of the knives and forks. Spoons, on the other hand, are a different story. If I had to say, I think we are down to about six of those. Where did the spoons go?

We only have lived in one other house. I don’t think we left any spoons behind when we moved last October. Do we have a monster in the house who comes out at night just to eat spoons? Are guests pocketing them when they leave? Have I lost my ability to count to twelve? All questions I have pondered.

The case of the missing spoons is one life’s great mysteries. It is right up there with the disappearances of Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart. I am thinking about hiring a private investigator to track down the missing spoons. Where is Magnum P.I. when you need him?

Where do you think things go when we lose them? Will we truly ever know? What are you currently missing at your house?

2 thoughts on “The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

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  1. In my house, they go in the trash.🙁
    When you try to teach the kids to clean up after themselves, they throw them away. I resorted to buying bulk mismatched spoons and forks both at Goodwill. After getting a new 12-piece place setting for Christmas this past year and putting away all the mismatched items, I am down to 4 forks. Good luck!


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