The Price is Right

If you are a child of the 1980’s, as I am, you probably spent at least one day home sick from school. These days for me were often spent laying on the living room couch watching game shows on television. A particular favorite was The Price is Right.

I’d get my sleeve of saltines, bowl of applesauce, and glass of 7UP and tune in to watch Bob Barker dole out all kinds of “fabulous prizes” to frenzied contestants.

If you have never seen this show, it consisted of people playing various kinds of games to win items such as cars, chairs, grandfather clocks, and a host of other goods.

One such game that contestants would play was called, “Plinko.” In this game a contestant was given a disc that looked like an oversized poker chip. This disc was inserted at the top of a board that would run down through a series of pegs. At the bottom of the board was a series of slots. Each of these slots contained different dollar values. In which slot a contestant’s chip landed that is the amount of money they would win.

Here in the Bradshaw household we have our own “Plinko” player. I will call him Baby Boy. Although, he is getting to be a Big Boy now. Anyway, I get around the house using a wheelchair. Big Boy likes to find various items to use as “Plinko” chips. These are usually wooden letters or numbers that he is using to learn his “A, B, C, D’s,” as he calls them.

He will use a letter or number and drop them through the spokes on the wheels of my chair. He doesn’t win anything, but he doesn’t care. I am hoping he can one day use the skills he is learning to go on to a game show to win some “fabulous prizes.” It would be nice if he could bring home a Corvette for me. I’d also enjoy a nice trip through the Swiss Alps. However, if he never goes on to game show glory that will be fine. I’d just like him to lead a happy and prosperous life.

I miss those days when I’d stay home and let Bob Barker keep me company. Those times were simpler. I am glad I am reminded of them now when I become a rolling “Plinko” board. I should maybe take my act on the road.

I am sure there are other kids who would enjoy this game. I could travel the world reminding people, as Bob Barker did, to “have their pets spayed or neutered.” I’d be a rolling public service announcement. If there are any game show producers out there have your people call my people.

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  1. Ryan, it sounds like you have a creative thinker on your hands. It should be very interesting, and fun, to watch him grow! Blessings on you all…


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