Huh, What Was That?

Amanda and I have spent the last hour whispering to each other. No, they haven’t been the whispers of sweet nothings. They have been the whispers of weary foster parents. You see Baby Boy has been asleep for the last few hours. We have been trying to stretch out his feeding times. When he is hungry he lets us know it by screaming at the top of his lungs.

Therefore, we have eaten dinner tonight in whispered conversation. This is a miracle in and of itself because we both have problems hearing when we are using our normal speaking voices. We have had conversations about the day’s events. Likewise, we have even whispered to each other about the movie Top Gun.

We have been trying to recall the names of the main characters. We have recalled that there was a “Goose” and a “Maverick,” but we don’t recall any of the others. If you do, drop me a line in the comments below.

Really, the only thing I have wanted to do for the last hour is break out into song, particularly the theme song to Top Gun. Kenny Loggins wrote some great theme songs to movies of the 80’s.

I guess I’ll just have to hum them silently to myself until Baby Boy wakes up. Then the real fun can begin. It will be a bottle for Baby Boy while I sing “Highway to the Danger Zone” to him. What is your favorite Kenny Loggins theme song?

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